Ambush Makeover Is Just Too Unbelievable For These Students To Handle

It was a bright March morning on the Plaza today — with an even brighter selection of eager ladies vying for new looks!

TODAY’s Ambush Makeover squad, hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin, chose two lucky winners. And as always, the women were dazzled by their amazing transformations.


First up was 19-year-old Libby Acker from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Acker, a sophomore at Xavier University, decided to take a spring break trip to the city to cheer on the school’s basketball team.

The pre-med student, who said she doesn’t wear makeup and hasn’t cut her hair since she was 14, had a special message for her mother watching from home — “Mom, don’t freak out!”

We’re not sure if her mother listened to her playful advice, but her friends (one in particular!) certainly didn’t.

The group of girls couldn’t contain their excitement when they saw Acker’s new look — one friend reacted in possibly the best way we’ve ever seen on Ambush.

Acker was happily surprised by her own transformation, gleefully showing off the lighter hairstyle and “smokin’ hot” new outfit.

Next up was Natalie Archibaque — a mother and post-partum nurse from Richmond, Virginia, visiting New York to attend the same basketball tournament as Acker.

Her son told the makeover team that his mom hadn’t cut her hair in long time, so it was time for a new, updated look.

“I have to be a cool mom for these two boys,” Archibaque, 43, said.

And the stylists certainly delivered!

Her family couldn’t get enough of her shorter ‘do and soft highlights, perfectly paired with an elegant, all-black ensemble.

We aren’t sure which ladies’ team will receive tournament victories — but both of these women will undoubtedly be leaving the city with winning looks!