Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Argue Over Who’s Better Friends With Tom Brady

Cue Tom “T-Bone” Brady. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck got into a tiff over who is better friends with Tom Brady. But don’t worry, it was all for a good cause, as the three hunks have teamed up to promote a charity campaign for Omaze. The campaign benefits Affleck’s Eastern Congo Initiative, Damon’s and Brady’s TB12 Foundation.

In the hilarious video, Affleck jokes that for “just $10 you and a friend can hang out with me and Tom Brady … and I guess also Matt will be there.” The two actors then get into a heated exchange about who is closer with the New England Patriots quarterback.

“Yes, also me because I'm also friends with Tom Brady," Damon, 45, snaps back at his longtime pal.

“Lesser friends,” Affleck, 44, quickly adds. 

The two go on to explain that the winner and a friend will grab pizza and beer with all three of the men, including “the greatest quarterback who ever walked the earth.”

After Affleck gets a text from Brady — Damon claims he doesn’t have reception — the two get into it again.

"If your chin was anything like Tom’s, that Batman movie of yours would've made about $4 billion because that's the only recognizable part of you," Damon tells the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice star. "Tom is a superhero."

Brady, 39, finally joins the video conference and after interrupting their quarreling, informs those who enter the contest that the lucky winner will also find out which of the two Oscar winners he’s actually closer with.

Watch the video above and head to to enter for a chance to have pizza and beer with all three hotties.