Blake Lively: Putting on a ‘Great Pair of Louboutins’ is ‘Relaxing’

The first idea that comes to mind when you think of a "relaxing" moment might not be a pair of four-inch heels, but Blake Lively begs to differ!

Lively, 28, who Us Weekly confirmed in April is expecting her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds, thinks stilettos can be zen-inducing. "I like to dress up, though; I also think that's relaxing — to put on a great pair of [Christian] Louboutins," she explained of her street style to Hamptons Magazine for the July 4 issue.

That's not to say The Shallows star is always red carpet-ready. "[My aesthetic] can be incredibly casual — it can be jeans and a T-shirt — but it's my dad's T-shirt maybe," she continued. "It's stuff that normally means something to me … My [street] style is very much a reflection of my experiences and my moods, who I am and where I've traveled."

Her process for her premiere looks is entirely different. "It's mood-based, it's environment-based, knowing why the event is," she told the mag of how she picks her formal event wear (which she famously styles herself). "Something like Cannes, for example, is incredibly Old Hollywood, glamorous, iconic, there's the wind of the Côte d’Azur. You want things that will blow in the wind, that will look beautiful in the sun, that drip down a sweeping staircase."

How the dress falls — especially around stairs — is important to Lively. "It's the same thing with the Met: You think of the staircase that your outfit could drip down," she noted.

Far from personal, her red carpet choices are, she admitted, costumes she puts on for the night. "You sort of look at the event cinematically and you think, 'What character do I want to play?'" she said. "Red carpet is not real life, so you're always sort of playing a character when you're on it."

Do you agree with Blake that dressing up can be relaxing?

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