Buzz Lightyear Has A New Driving License — He Can Go To Infinity And Beyond Now!

Sam Stephens, from Devon ditched his birth name last April after raising just over $2800 for a cancer charity—he had vowed to legally become Mr Lightyear if he hit his fundraising target…and he did.

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Unfortunately though, the name change has caused the 26 year old a few problems—not least because when it comes to booking a restaurant table, or a seat at the cinema, people assume it’s a prank call and don’t make the booking!

The other problem Buzz has run into is in getting a driver’s license. The UK equivalent of the DMV (the DVLA) refused to issue him with a license, saying that because the name is a fictional character it may “bring the agency into disrepute” if he traveled abroad and had to show his ID.

The former Mr Stephens was pissed because he had done his research prior to the legal change and the DVLA had told him that if a search of the deed poll didn’t flag up any other Buzz Lightyear’s there shouldn’t be a problem. As there were no others he went ahead.

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The battle has been ongoing for a year and young Buzz feared he would have to revert to plain old boring Sam Stephens, as he was finding life too difficult without a license.  He was therefore over the moon (to infinity…) when the DVLA changed their mind earlier this month and issued him with a new document in the name of Buzz Lightyear, although he fears the name might not be for keeps.

He told the The Sun;

“It’s great.  I feel like it’s a victory for me as they’re a big old company and I still won.

It’s inevitable at some point I’m going to have to change it back.  I’ve had loads of problems with it over the last year.  I think when it comes to getting a mortgage I might have to go back to being Sam again.”

He added that it hadn’t been all bad though;

“Being called Buzz is always a great ice-breaker and I get a few laughs from people when I introduce myself.”

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buzz lightyear has a new driving license
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Buzz Lightyear Has A New Driving License