Cole Sprouse May Have Won Christmas With His Very Strange Gift To Dylan Sprouse

By now, you’re probably familiar with Dylan and Cole Sprouse. They’re former Disney Channel stars, models, NYU graduates, and Dukes of Twitter.

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They take shots at each other on social media whenever they can, and it’s some pretty entertaining shit.

colesprouse / Via Twitter: @colesprouse


dylansprouse / Via Twitter: @dylansprouse

Which is why I started cackling when Cole took to Twitter to announce his brother’s confusion about his Christmas gift.

colesprouse / Via Twitter: @colesprouse

It was a pull-down chart of an anatomically correct male reproductive system, like the kind Mrs. Richardson had in my seventh grade health class.

colesprouse / Via Twitter: @colesprouse

And Dylan wasn’t really sure what to do with it.

colesprouse / Via Twitter: @colesprouse

First of all:

colehearted / Via Twitter: @coIeharted


And fans were quick to ask some serious questions about the exchange…

dobrikslayer / Via Twitter: @dobrikslayer

…about loaning it out…

camzxlili / Via Twitter: @CamzxLili

…and about the cold reception of the gift.

melanieee / Via Twitter: @melanieee

But overall, I agree with Cole. It belongs in the study.

kevcash26 / Via Twitter: @KevCash26

Anyway —

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