Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Secret Baby Shows There Is Another Way To Be A Celebrity

What really deserves our congratulations (and admiration) though, is the fact that she had the baby TWO WEEKS ago and nobody knew!

The baby girl, named Amada Lee Gosling who was born on April 29, is a sister to their 20 month old daughter Esmeralda.  The unusual name Amada is after Eva’s grandmother, which Eva revealed in 2014 means “beloved” in Spanish.

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The notoriously private couple met on set of The Place Behind The Pines in 2011 and since then have kept their relationship to themselves.  It was only in mid-April that news of Eva’s second pregnancy broke when she was spotted hiding her baby bump—which bearing in mind she was pretty much nine months pregnant by that stage is kind of hard to do.

The only reason the news of the baby’s birth has come out now is that some lowlife at the hospital told TMZ, who then obtained a copy of the baby’s birth certificate.

I really hope the hospital (Providence St John’s Health Center in Santa Monica) find out who sold out the new parents’ privacy for a fast buck and fire them.  Seriously, we all love a bit of celebrity gossip (some of us even make a living out of it), but just because a person’s job makes them famous, it doesn’t entitle us to know every single detail of their private lives when they patently don’t court 24/7 publicity.

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Anyway, I digress…back to Eva and Ryan.


And before anyone points out the irony that Popdust too are writing about the secret baby…we know!  But it’s out there now so the news is fair game—our point is, it’s totally unfair that they’ve had this news made public before they were ready.


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