Foster the People’s III reminds us why we love them in the first place

Yesterday, after a four year absence, Foster the People released a new EP III, containing three new tracks – titled “Pay the Man”, “Do it for the Money”, and “S.H.C.” The songs of III come from the band’s upcoming album – the name of which has not yet been released, and which will be available later this year. The release reminds us why we love Foster the People in the first place – for their upbeat, fun indie rock, as well as showing a new, more contemporary edge to their music.

Though the singles were released just yesterday – the band’s frontman Mark Foster has been hinting at this new music for a while now. In an interview last April with The Way of Us – Foster spoke of the new music he planned on playing at some shows he was headlining in South Africa, saying “I think we’re probably going to play some new material as well, so keep an eye out. Rather, an ear.”

This style is seen in full effect in the song “Pay the Man” – the first track of the new EP. The song is somewhat darker than their usual work, but still follows the same indie-electronic sound they’re known for. The darker quality of “Pay the Man” shows a pop sound similar to artists like The Neighborhood – showing a much more current pop influence. The next track on the III, “Do it for the Money”, is upbeat, fun, and more resemblant of some of their older tracks. While it does sound more like their older song’s, it follows a more traditional pop structure – showing an exciting new direction for the band’s sound.

Of the three, “S.H.C” has sounds the most like some of Foster the People’s biggest hits. It’s upbeat and dancey like some of their biggest hits off of their debut album Torches from 2011, and follows a fun and peppy synth beat. The song slows down in the bridge, and then slowly builds back into the strong and fun chorus – in which Foster sings “I want to live my life again, but you won’t, I’ll never understand the waves, but you do, I want to do it again.” “S.H.C.” has all the makings of a summer hit, and since it’s release yesterday has already received hundreds of thousands of plays on Youtube.

Since yesterday’s release, III has already picked up a serious amount of critical acclaim – and a lot of hype has been building towards their upcoming album, and tour which was recently announced. The tour – the dates of which can be found on their website – will be all across the US. They will also be playing two festivals – Oshega Festival in Montreal, and Lollapalooza in Chicago.

After the release of III, we at Popdust can’t wait to hear the new album. Check out the new singles below