International Ticket Sales For Rock In Rio Lisbon Shines Light On Differing Musical Tastes

One of the largest music festivals in the world is only a week away. Rock in Rio, Lisbon, which encompasses some of the biggest touring acts from 2015 and 2016, will celebrate its 30th anniversary on May 19-20 and May 27-29, and with participation of some of the biggest touring acts.

According to Ticketbis, one of Rock in Rio’s authorized ticketing partners for the European edition, sales stretch all the way to countries such as Brazil, Uruguay, and the US. The online platform also claims that their sales data points to more than just to who is buying tickets to the festival.

“We found that fans from different countries are buying tickets to different days highlighting differing musical tastes depending on nationality. This is not a necessarily common phenomenon as these festivals tend to have one or two days that sell much more than others on a global scale.” says Ander Michelena, CEO of Ticketbis. “In the case of this year’s Rock in Rio, sales volumes do not differ too much from day to day. What differs is where the sales of day tickets are coming from.”


Brazilians make up the highest volume of international sales for festival, with 32.5% of the Ticketbis’ Rock in Rio 2016 sales coming from the former Portuguese colony. So far, over 50% of Brazilian fans have bought tickets for May 20, the day Queen + Adam Lambert are headlining. To those that know the history between the country and the band, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. In 1985, Queen opened for the first edition of Rock in Rio, Rio de Janeiro and took Brazil by a storm with an unbelievable performance to a crowd of nearly half a million. Brazil’s unconditional love for the group is why so many are willing to make the trip across the Atlantic to see Brian May and the gang in action. Other big acts from that day include: Mika, Fergie, Carl Cox and several others.


As possibly one of the festival’s biggest act, it’s understandable that the Boss is a favorite among many. According to Ticketbis, all of the tickets purchased from the US have been for Bruce’s headlining day, May 19. And who can blame them, the words “Born in the USA” probably feel extra special when played overseas. Americans represent 3% of international ticket sales.


On the other hand, Bruce Springsteen is also the preferred act among Spanish fans. They are the second nationality that are most buying for Rock in Rio 2016 and 73% of tickets bought from Spain are for Bruce’s headlining day. His 2012 show in Madrid may have been one of his longest concerts ever, where he performed for nearly four hours straight. It’s no secret, the Boss loves playing in Spain and the Spanish crowd loves him.


More than 60% of sales from Italy are for May 28, Maroon 5’s headlining day. According to Ticketbis, there is always Italian presence in the ticket sales data for Maroon 5 concerts around the world, no matter the location. Last year sales from the country were registered in London, Nice, Madrid and Singapore shows among others. Italians make up 12.5% of Rock in Rio Lisbon ticket sales, the third most common nationality.