It’s Finally Blake Shelton’s Turn to Talk About Gwen Stefani: How He’s Faring in the Relationship Dissection Department

At long last, we get to hear Blake Shelton’s side of the story of his relationship with Gwen Stefani. He may not be used to these dissections of his personal life, but he seems to be standing up fine to the scrutiny.

It’s been seven or more months now since the world first heard about Blake and Gwen being together. Most reporters focus on Gwen Stefani’s side of the story and leave Blake to enjoy things on his own.

The rumors started before last November and Gwen made the first announcement about it in an interview on the radio. She neither confirmed nor denied anything, but instead said, “I never said nothin’ about being in a new relationship.” Since then, most media interactions and revelations have been in Gwen’s hands. She decided what to tell and when to tell it.

Why? Besides starting a new relationship, Gwen was visible in the media frequently to promote a new solo album. It had been nearly a decade since the last one.

These days, Blake Shelton has announcements of his own to make. A new album is coming out soon and he enjoyed his voice role in the Angry Birds movie. Questions always arise about his relationship with Gwen.


The first thing Blake pointed out is how very different the two artists’ careers and musical tastes are. He sings country and she sings, as he puts it, “…ska, rock, pop, whatever it is.” He goes on to say that despite these differences, they sure are having a lot of fun.

Her hit single “Used to Love You” from the album “This is What the Truth Feels Like” flowed from real events in her life. He is looking to his own life for inspiration as well with his 10th album, “If I’m Honest.”

The couple worked together on “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” and are thrilled at the response from fans.

Blake reveals that he began the song on his own in a bid to impress Gwen. When he sent her the half-finished lyrics, she responded with the next verse. The idea of having a song they wrote together sparked their relationship.

But the musical collaboration is not the only way Gwen affects Blake’s life. On Life! With Kelly, he smiled and explained how Gwen’s fashion sense was rubbing off on him. His look, which he described as, “gray hair every day… blue jeans and boots.” might be a bit boring for her tastes, he said.

"Singer Blake Shelton performs on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater on May 9, 2016 in Burbank, California."

Kelly Ripa exclaimed that the couple seem like a “match made in Heaven.”

The song they wrote together, Blake went on to say, was unusual because of their different musical focuses. While they enjoyed recording the vocals, he said they don’t really work together on anything else. “She’s Gwen Stefani,” he said, “I’m a country singer.”

When Kelly suggested there was some crossover appeal in the fan groups of each, Blake explained that Gwen would probably have an easier time dealing with his musical style than he would with hers.

In an interview with Carson Daly on AMP radio, Blake told a funny story of the early days of their relationship. They had been driving down the road and a No Doubt song came on the radio. Blake said, “What is this song? I love this song!” Gwen reportedly just looked at him and said, “That’s… that’s my song.” Blake thought it was hilarious how they really didn’t know anything about each other’s careers and artistic work at the start.

Carson asked Blake is he was settling in to Los Angeles life more so now than when he first moved from Oklahoma to do The Voice.

Blake replied that he has to do a lot more driving and that his girlfriend makes living there easier. He continued by saying he didn’t think it was manly to always call for a car when he wanted to take Gwen out somewhere. He just hops into his Nissan Altima and heads out.

No matter what type of music they turn on while they’re in the car together, or whether they’re heading for an LA club or a trip back home to Oklahoma, we suppose most of what they listen to is each other and lots of love and laughter.

Carson and Blake have been buddies for a while, so the interview went perhaps more smoothly than it would with anyone else giving it. One day, they drove out to the Bass Pro Shops in Inland Empire to help put Blake at ease and make him feel somehow more at home in Southern California.

Blake explained that in the beginning of his relationship with Gwen, they both struggled with issues of trust. Both had been hurt in the past and were a bit afraid to start again. He felt inspired to write the song, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” because of these uncomfortable thoughts. At one point, he really felt amazed at himself for wanting to take the risk one more time.

The lyrics of his song say it all as he describes the perfect ‘cute meet’ that launched his relationship with Gwen.

“People would say I’m lying / If I tried to tell ’em how we met tonight / They’d ask how many drinks I’d had / Cause ain’t no way it all went down that right / You waiting on somebody and they never did show / You were pissed off, leaving, came back cause you forgot your phone,” Blake sings.

“There I was, yeah I just sat down in the seat you left / You walked up I said ‘what are you doing with your beautiful self?’ / You rolled your eyes but you laughed and your song came on / I begged you for a dance and we danced / And it was on, eyes locked, clock stopped / One little kiss, no, we never meant to start falling in love / Oh man, you can’t make this up.”

It sounds almost too good to be true, but true it is and immortalized in is song.

In a later interview with Katie Cook of CMT, Blake said that his relationship with Gwen was, “not something anybody could’ve seen coming besides God, I guess.” He knows what an odd couple the two make with their different musical styles, fashion sense, and everything else. To them, however, the whole thing makes perfect sense.

“Gwen saved my life last year,” he said, without a hint of melodrama. He went on to say that he was pretty sure she could say the same if asked.
He was right.

In 2014, season seven of The Voice, Gwen Stefani joined the panel of judges. At that time, both she and Blake were already married. Their interactions then were casual and professional only. They greeted each other on set like any other coworkers would. Blake really did not know much about the popular music star and is still learning more even to this day. During that season of the popular talent show, they went through very similar things in their personal lives. When their former relationships ended and they were struggling with getting back on their feet emotionally, “this thing just happened,” according to Blake. “Saved my life, period.”


Hearing Blake’s side of the story probably would not have happened as much as it did without the collaborative music efforts he and Gwen have been involved with. All the celebrity news buzzed about the unexpected relationship, of course, and YouTube blew up with views on their duet song that they presented on The Voice. Blake stated that the song helps to know what to say to people who ask questions about their relationship. He can always turn to the song they created and sung together and tell people, “Ya’ll should go buy it and listen to it.”

And to think it all began just because Black Shelton wanted to impress her with a song.