Michael B. Jordan Basically Dropped Hints On How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend And I'm Taking Notes

WARNING: The author’s thirst level for Michael B. Jordan is at an all time high. Please proceed with caution.

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The Black Panther star recently participated in Vogue’s 73 Questions, where he divulged intimate details about his life.

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For nearly nine minutes, it was just me and his 6’0″ tall chocolate snack-looking self staring back at me…oh, and the reporter.

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And while I could’ve easily turned this into a “Here’s What We Learned” post, I thought it would be beneficial to create a list of things to keep in mind if you ever get a chance to shoot your shot with MBJ. I got you, sis!

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Grab your pen and paper, because it’s time to take notes!


Martin is his favorite show of all time, so being able to quote Sheneneh or Dragon Fly Jones is a plus.

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The 30-year-old actor considers himself to be very compassionate, a trait he believes came from his parents. So, if your heart isn’t in the right place…FORGET ABOUT IT!

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And if you’re worried about date ideas, keep it simple. You can snuggle up to some of his favorite movies…

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…or cook a romantic dinner together. The man likes to eat, preferably Mexican and Italian dishes.

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And travel is a must, especially with his busy schedule. While you missed out traveling to Cape Town, South Africa (one of his favorite places) with him, you can surprise him with a trip to Japan.

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Oh, if you could whoop that ass in Call of Duty, you might really impress him. He even has his own character in NBA 2k17.

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Michael sets rules for himself when it comes to dating and let’s just say, chivalry isn’t dead.

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Are you open to discuss more serious topics? The Newark-raised actor is very passionate about:

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It’s also important if you can handle dialogue in a mature fashion. Michael hates when this happens:

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But if that does end up happening, you might be able to get back on his good side with this thoughtful gift:

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With music comes dancing. Don’t be afraid to let loose on the dance floor, especially if “I Want to Thank You” by Alicia Myers comes on. It a classic cookout anthem.

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He also loves Marvin Gaye.

And a friendly reminder to all my melanin goddesses who’ve been kissed by the sun, Michael DOES date black women. Here’s the face he made when he heard the rumor that he doesn’t:

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Well, that’s all I have for you today. Watch Michael B. Jordan’s full Vogue interview below. And keep thirst alive!

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