People Are Brutally Roasting Pitbull Over His Memorial Day Tweet

This is Pitbull. Mr. Worldwide. Mr. 305. Armando Christian Pérez. Rapper of *tunes* and celebrator of holidays. Here’s how he commemorated Memorial Day this year:

Today we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for America #MemorialDay

Nothing honors the ultimate sacrifice more than Pitbull’s face superimposed over an American flag, am I right?



Needless to say, the replies on Twitter were pretty priceless. Some were filled with gratitude for Private Pitbull…

Twitter / Via Twitter: @cabot_phillips

While others argued over the importance of the tweet.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Advil

And these guys debated whether or not Memorial Day is even ABOUT Pitbull in the first place.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @GGMcClanahan

Some musicians paid tribute to Pitbull’s lyrical genius:

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Cam_Oflage

Twitter / Via Twitter: @candykirby

While this guy pointed out that Pitbull’s brilliant marketing campaign can be replicated with great success:

@pitbull #TigerWoods is trying a similar PR stunt

But sometimes the only appropriate way to respond to Pitbull is with the blinking guy meme. (His eyes are blinking Dalé.)

For an endless supply of laughs, I recommend reading every single reply on the original tweet like a true patriot.