This Grandmother’s Reaction to Facebook’s Face Swap Filters Is the Best

In. Tears. A grandmother experienced Facebook's face-swap filters for the first time ever, and had the funniest reactions to the mesmerizing features.

The video, uploaded by a man named Charley Stillwell, went viral after he posted his "Nan's" reactions to Facebook last week. In the incredibly amusing clip, Stillwell's grandmother has the camera turned on herself as she plays around with its features. Moments in, she screams and squeals with delight as her face morphs into … something else. 

The yells and caws continue as the senior citizen is exposed to new filters, including the Beyoncé and Marilyn Monroe features. "Oh, Christ!" she exclaims. "I don't like it! Clear it off!" Each time, Nan's startling transformation sends her into a complete giggle fit.

Since the video was posted on April 8, Stillwell’s clip has received more than 2.6 million views and more than 25,000 shares on the platform.

His cousin Kirsty Baker told HuffPost that the clip was initially shared on Facebook so that their family could laugh over Nan's reaction. Eventually, the hilarious clip went viral and Grandma Stillwell became an internet star.

“We are all overwhelmed that everyone loves her as much as we do,” Baker told HuffPost on Wednesday, April 13. “She’s had so many lovely messages!”

Facebook purchased the massively popular face-swapping technology MSQRD (pronounced Masquerade) this past March. The acquisition will give the social media platform the opportunity to remain competitive with Snapchat, which is best known for its face-morphing functionalities. The purchase was announced by Facebook CEO and cofounder Mark Zuckerberg, who posted a video of himself last month in an Iron Man mask.

"No, I haven't also built an Iron Man suit," the Silicon Valley heavyweight shared. "I'm using this app Masquerade that lets you put real-time filters on your videos. And today I'm excited to share that the team behind Masquerade is joining Facebook."

Watch the amazing video of the grandma using the face-filter app above.