Woman Arrested For Molesting Female Passenger On Flight From Las Vegas

Woman arrested for molesting female passenger on flight (allegedly!)

The woman alerted the flight staff who in turn reported ahead and police were waiting to meet the aircraft when it landed.

Passenger Jokes ‘I have Ebola, You’re All Screwed’ Is Removed From Plane In Cuffs

They interviewed the alleged victim who said that she had not consented to being touched and McKinney was arrested.  She was taken into custody and charged with third-degree sexual abuse—bail was set at $2500, however she was released on Monday afternoon after local prosecutors decided not to pursue charges.

Heidi McKinney, who must be pretty mortified to find herself and her Facebook pictures all over the internet today isn’t out of the woods yet. Even though she’s not facing state charges, the case has been referred to the Oregon U.S. Attorney’s Office who will decide whether to press federal charges.  

She needs reminding what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and does not board the flight to Portland with you.


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