You Can Learn How To Take The Perfect Selfie By Looking At Reptiles

1. Tilt Your Head at an Angle

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YASSS. This highlights your cheekbones. Now slightly raise your eyebrows to make your eyes appear larger than they actually are.

2. Smile Like Your MEAN IT

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Think of something that truly makes you smile, which will create the look of a genuine happiness that will shine through in your photo. (In this case she is thinking about crustaceans) Whatever works for you girl!

3. Say “PRUNE”

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This is a secret weapon that will achieve perfectly pouty lips. (You can also say “moon”, “dune”, “raccoon” etc.)

4. Find Your Signature Pose

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Work. When you feel great, YOU LOOK GREAT.

5. Grab a Friend

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Sometimes you will get lucky and your friend will make awkward face that will make you look even better!

6. Hold Your Camera Above Your Head

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There are about three people in the world who look good when shot from under their chin, and we haven’t met a single one yet!

7. Props are KEY!

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Don’t be afraid to accessorize.


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Gorgeous lighting = a more flattering selfie. You are an angel on earth honey. NOW SHINE.

9. Do something cheerful

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A sad face or a frown will not help.

10. AND REMEMBER Just relax

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Relax your mouth, and exhale, blowing air through your lips ****** Remember that it’s just a selfie, so don’t stress too much over it! You are much too #blessed to be stressed.